Sunday, 6 April 2014

FLY DC 3 at Ardmore Today 6-4-2014

I was at Ardmore this morning with a group of friends who were going for a flight in the Warbirds DC 3 ZK-DAK/NZ 3546. You meet up in the Aero Club cafe for a pre-fight coffee which was very nice.  It was yet another lovely day for flying in Auckland.

The group of flyers and support crew before the flight.

Every Sunday the Warbirds operate scenic flights over Auckland.  It is a slick operation crewed by volunteer pilots and crew.  Here is the pre-flight briefing in the Warbirds rooms which included a potted history of ZK-DAK from its construction to its participation with J Force and then with Phillippine Airlines.  The crew for todays flight was Captain Dave Hayman and First Officer Tim Dennis, with Rob Long as the cabin crewmember.

Takeoff was to the South-West, then tracking across Auckland International.

And over Auckland City.  Then up and down the Waitemata and over Rangitoto.  You can see it was flown at a nice sightseeing height, and also one other major difference from other airliners: access to the cockpit!  Thanks to Alison K for the photo.

Touchdown back at Ardmore.

And taxy back to the Warbirds hardstand.

Finally, a shot of the nicely appointed passenger cabin.

I had a great time and I didn't go flying!

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