Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bargeldo1's rovings

Bargeldo1 has been on the prowl in the Southern Lakes area over the Easter period.
Here are a few shots taken during this time.
The first six are from Omarama on 21-04-2014
Two views of the Gavin Wills Piper Super Cub ZK-BFV (c/n 18-4135)
 Above with glider on tow - Below taxying out to pick the next victim.
 Below is the Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus ZK-GQQ ( c/n 593) of Glider Rentals on tow.
 The Schempp-Hirth Ventus-2c ZK-GYD (c/n 76) doing likewise, with Max Stevens driving.
 ZK-GYJ is the Self launching Schleicher ASH25M (c/n 25161) belonging to Dave Speight.
 Below - out of its hangar is the Cessna 180J ZK-DPJ (c/n 18052461) as listed to Longslip Station.
Longslip is just at the northern end of the Lindis Pass.
Below you see Chris Rudge heading out with a couple of px in his Grumman G-164A AgCat ZK-CAT2 (c/n 1418).
One from Glenorchy on the 20th of the NZ Aerospace Fletcher Fu24-950 Walter conversion ZK-PDZ3 (c/n 157) of Skydive Queenstown with its "Skydive Paradise" marks.

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