Saturday, 17 March 2012

RAANZ Annual Fly-in Motueka #1

The Recreational Aircraft Association of NZ (RAANZ) has its annual fly-in at Motueka over the weekend 15-18th March 2012. This is the first batch of photos from this event captured by Andy Heap on Friday 16th.
Above is the Jabiru J160 U/L ZK-BGY2 (c/n 127) of Ian Boag down from Palmerston North. It still carries the Adelaide Soaring Club sign on its doors.
The new Evektor Aertechnik Harmony demonstrator ZK-CGM2 (c/n 20111415) from Rangiora based Aeroflight Aviation Ltd. "CGM" being the owners initials, and that would be Colin in the green shirt.
ZK-CZR (c/n 06SC020) is the Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser from the local Motueka Recreational Flight Training Ltd. Office/club rooms in the background.
Up from Te Anau is Murray Hagen in the Alpi Pioneer 300 ZK-MIH (c/n 88). This was previously ZK-LPT with Bob Trotter between 2005 and November of 2008.
Turning the clock back we find the Jodel D.11 ZK-PJG (c/n AACA/294). This came on the scene in mid 1985. It has been with Trevor Leighton of Motueka since December of 2008.

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