Thursday, 29 March 2012

Amuri spraying

Not far from Engineers Camp at the bottom end of the Lewis Pass I caught the Aerospatiale AS 350FX ZK-HJM4 (c/n 1671) at work spraying gorse. Unfortunately I did not get to the spraying site but got a few pics at the loading spot and then back at their Hanmer base to watch the spray gear being removed so that it could take some hunters into the hills.
Above HJM is away with another load, and below it is back for more.

The bottom three shots show the spray tank being removed - a simple one man operation.
First view the spray booms and pump have already been removed and the front of the tank has been lowered onto it its ground handling wheels which are already fitted, and the rear wheel is just being plugged in.
 Lower the back end of the tank onto its wheel.
 Then trundle the tank to its storage area.
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