Thursday 10 March 2011

Sam Fry Laser 230 ZK-LZR

 Sam T Fry of Prairieville, LA built this aircraft from a kit set based on the Giles 200 Stephens Akro. The data plate says that its date of manufacture was 20-10-1992 and it was registered as N31LZ. The engine is a Lycoming HIO-360-C1A of 230hp driving a whirlwind propeller.
On 07-11-1997 its certificate was transferred to Fernando Zayas of Loveland, Colorado. (with Bob Freeman as a sleeping partner). Its US registration was cancelled on the 3rd of March for it to become ZK-LZR (Laser) on the 9th; still with Fred Zayas.
Photo taken at Rangiora 07-03-2011. I will try and get a better angle tomorrow.


  1. I think that the "Laser'is a development of the 'Stephens Akro'
    Flown to fame about 35 or 40 years ago by Leo Loudenslager.
    Developed by several builder/flyers --I think Henry Haig had one. Many years before the Giles.

    I have a set of Clayton Stephens original plans ,if anyone wants to build one !!!

  2. Ah bobgod.

    I think you have caught me out badly on this one.

    Thanks for keeping me honest.

    Do you think you deserve a chocolate fish ?

  3. Nah! I wasn't trying to embarrass
    anyone!! Just something I was involved in a long time ago!!!

  4. HI, I'm the Sam Fry who built the Lazer. The wing was built from the original Stephens Acro plan set #31, but was modified per Leo Loudenslager's advice to strengthen the spar center section and add an extra two bays to the ailerons (much larger). The fuselage was highly modified based on all the weak points that had been identified by 1990. Pitts plans were referenced for details, the cowl, fuselage shape, turtledeck & cockpit canopy was streamlined per Leo & Henry Haigh's advice to keep it "very clean". The tailfeathers were the largest built at that time, again advice mostly from Haigh. The entire airplane was scratch built from raw materials, no kit or kit components were used. I also rebuilt the engine after Monty Barrett had balanced and blueprinted the components, including the 10:1 pistons. It's a great flying airplane, unfortunately my competition days were ended by a back injury that was the result of a car accident.

  5. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the owner? I have lost contact with Fred Zayes,
    Please email me.
    Sam Fry