Friday, 25 March 2011


Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust are in the process of upgrading their machine from the single engine A119 Koala to a twin engined A109E Power.   The Koala was first registered ZK-ITR in May 2007 and it was changed to ZK-ITP earlier this month in preperation of the introduction of the A109 which will be registered ZK-ITR/2.

According to another website, the A109 arrived at the Ports of Auckland around 8 March and it has since arrived via container at Ardmore where it was noted being worked on today (24 March) in company with the A119.    The A109 has the same markings as the A119 minus any words.

It is expected the A109 will be ready for delivery to New Plymouth sometime during April.

The arrival of ZK-ITR/2 will be only the third of type to grace our skies.  The first was Rossmond Holdings ZK-HXI from 11 August 1987 until 19 September 1989 and the second was to Helitaxi Ltd ZK-HBC from 11 December 1987 until 08 August 1990.  ZK-HBC was used by Air NZ to provide transport between the Auckland CBD and Auckland Airport.

The RNZAF have taken delivery of its first A109 LUH at Ohakea so we look forward to seeing it sometime.
RNZAF official photo
ZK-ITP with ZK-ITR/2 (not yet taken up) in the hanger, Ardmore 24 March 2011

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