Monday, 7 March 2011

The Karatoo

We have three Karatoo J-6 aircraft currently on the register.
All three have been constructed at Rangiora.
The first was the Norman Karatoo J6 ZK-KTO , c/n J6 673P , registered to Mike Small on 28-08-2001.
It was re-designated as an Australian Av Works Karatoo J6C on 15-04-2003.
The two photos above show ZK-KTO. Top one with its original motor, and lower view with its Rotax 912 and new cowling.

ZK-KTP is c/n J6 675P and was registered to David McPherson of Oxford on 19-04-2005.
These two views show it (above) with its Original Sabaru EA81engine and two bladed prop and below with its Rotax, longer nose and three bladed prop.

ZK-KTN , c/n J6 661P , is the third one completed, being listed to Nigel Forrester of Dunedin on 01-11-2010. I believe it was built mainly by Paul Woodley at Rangiora. KTN has longer undercarriage legs, giving it an increase angle of attack on the ground.
There is a another partially completed (in limbo) airframe on the Rangiora airfield. C/n unknown.

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