Wednesday 11 November 2009

De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver ZK-CKH

The first new De Haviland Canada DHC-2 Beaver exported from Canada was c/n 25 which was delivered on 17-11-1948 as ZS-DCG to Tank Aircraft Pty Ltd of Johanasburg who used it until 1961.
In was then registered to Brian L R Pocock of Sussex on 05-10-1961 as G-ARTR and received its C of A on 14-10-61. I believe it spent most of its UK registered time in North Africa on mineral survey work.
Sold on 07-08-1964 it was shipped to New Zealand and arrived in Wellington on 07-10-64. It first flew in NZ on 16-11-64 and was delivered the following day to Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd at Masterton as ZK-CKH.

Below is a small selection of pics of ZK-CKH.
Above at Masterton In Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd's scheme on27-02-1972.
Does anybody recognise the "tag" on the cowling - looks like an avian creature flying away from us - maybe with boots on ?

Below at Masterton again, but on 03-10-1973. Must be due for a clean !
Below at Masterton on on 31-08-1979, I believe whilst with Air Contracts Ltd.

Now we see it outside the old Canterbury Aero Club building at Christchurch on 05-03-1990
Below it is seen at Ardmore on 18-03-2000

I next caught it at Ardmore following a major tidy up and repaint. Here it is on 27-02-2009 during the towing operation back towards its Warbirds hangar.

Above, Sir Minty caught it recently (07-11-09) at Ardmore.


  1. [quote]Does anybody recognise the "tag" on the cowling - looks like an avian creature flying away from us - maybe with boots on ?[/quote]

    And carrying a large flower ????

  2. Sweeeet, not enough Beavers in NZ.

    Nothing like coaxing a DHC-2 into life...

    Now, all we need is an AN-2, have we ever had an AN2 flying in NZ, I'm sure I remember seeing one?

  3. Evening James.
    I like that start up !

    Maybe he should have heated the oil over the primus a but longer.

    Been about 35 Beavers on the NZ register.

    AN2 at Wanaka Transpot Museum. It was flown out to NZ & I think there was a book written about it.
    It flew here briefly.
    A few have passed through on the soviet ships heading south, but I believe we have just had the one flying here.
    I used to like standing behind the Lodestar when it was starting - get a double dose of radial blues.

  4. When CKH was wfu by Airservices in was repainted and I think the hopper was removed.Am fairly sure that after o/haul it sat awaiting a buyer .and was not used commercially ,it had regular engine run ups but i never saw it fly untill early 82