Thursday 18 August 2016

P & M Aviation Quik GT 450 Trike ZK-MAZ at Dargaville 17-8-2016

Yesterday was such a lovely day across the country that aviation seemed to be being committed all over the place  I was at Dargaville when Carsten Mathieu flew in from Whangarei in his P & M Aviation Quik GT 450 trike ZK-MAZ.

It is a pretty powerful machine with a Rotax 912S engine.  And as befitting a motorbike of the air, it has motorbike style saddlebags in black outboard of the second seat.

 Later in the afternoon Carsten fired it up and taxied out.

 Climb out after a short roll on Runway 22.

And overhead off back to Whangarei.  Carsten told me that there 5 or so trikes based around Whangarei.

Carsten also said the the P & M Aviation guys were out from England recently and flew widely across New Zealand.  Their trip aroung Cape Reinga is on their Facebook page:

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