Friday, 4 September 2015

Three from NZRT this day 04-09-2015.

Gary Hood's faithful olde Cessna 180A ZK-BUF (c/n 32935) was in for some routine maintenance.
Did you know it was used for target towing experiments in January of 1961 and has also done North Cape to Bluff in 7 hrs and 26 minutes. 
[I just thought that you needed to know that].
Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HTB6 (c/n 11259) from The Alpine Group at Wanaka was just having its blades tethered. 
Pse excuse the rain drops on the camera lens !
Previously ZK-HGU3 from mid-2006 it joined The Alpine Group on 20-07-2012 and was re-registered to ZK-HTB6  on 01-08-2012.
Something new is the Zenith STOL CH750 (c/n 75-8871) destined to become ZK-VKG for a Wanganui owner.
Built by  Clyde Rychel of Mims, Florida as N5970H it received its USA certification on 04-09-2013.
The engine is a 1.5 litre Honda block fitted with all the Viking mods to give 110hp.
But wait - Thats not all.
A bonus pic.
Also new in country is this Piper PA-22-150 Caribbean tail dragger which was listed as ZK-ZTH to Tony Hay on 21-08-2015. It is ex VH-GMH (c/n 22-6967) and dates from late 1959.
This pic was taken on 28-08-2015 - It has since lost its "VH" markings.


  1. Target towing guessing it was when owned by the Auckland a/club.?Great another of our original C180.s is still very active.Thanks for the post .

  2. BUF was also the original "Slipper Clipper".