Thursday 4 June 2015

ZK-CEW revisited.

In May of 2012 I posted the photograph below.
There followed some discussion about the identity of these two Cessna 185's.
A couple of days ago I received the following details with two attached photographs showing ZK-CEW in the same scheme as in the above pic.
    In October 1965 three of us were camped in a snow cave under Mt 
Alack overlooking the Albert Glacier. We had spent a week climbing in the 
area when late on the afternoon of October 23 we were, because of very 
windy conditions, loafing on rocks above our cave when we heard an 
aircraft nearby. As it circled level with us  above the snowfield it was 
banking left when suddenly it appeared to be caught by wind under the 
starboard wing and plunged 500 feet to the snow below.

    I have included two photographs of ZK-CEW taken on the Tasman 
Glacier earlier in 1965. 
This will solve the colour query raised on your 

My next question is :- Whats with the circular panel above the cockpit in the above photo.
Did it do seasonal Ag work ?

Added 04-06-2015
Added 04-06-2015
Once again Allan Wooller has provided the answer from his photo collection.
Below we see ZK-CEW fitted with hopper and parked at the wind break on the lower Mount Cook strip.
The same spot as the original photo above.

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