Monday 15 July 2013

I remember when.

I remember this Dornier D028A-1 F-OCBR (c/n 3047) being parked up at Ardmore between the years 1969 through to about 1973.
 These three pics were taken at Ardmore on 27-09-1972.
I believe it was built as D-IBOK and that it was eventually scrapped.
Can anyone supply more details please ?
Whilst on Do28's.
Has anybody sighted N20LP (c/n 3050) which is listed to Pacific Southwest Ltd of Waiuku ?


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  2. the dornier I believe you are referring to is in pieces tucked away in a hanger behind nz warbirds at Ardmore owned by len cowper

  3. Unfortunately the late Len Cowper..

  4. The Dornier 28 you refer to was parked near what was, and possibly still is, the Rex Aviation hanger on the western side of Ardmore for quite a while in about 1970.

    I believe it had some work done to it, prior to going to New Guinea, but please don't take that as having any great authority.

    The aircraft was flown in NZ by Grant Biel, I recall landing behind it while he was "getting his hand in" and with all its high lift devices extended it laid a stream of wake turbulence as bad as a 747!

    Grant subsequently flew it out of NZ, initially to Norfolk and hence I know not.

  5. I now own Do-20-A #3050, formerly N20LP. I bought it from Wendy Cowper last year. (Regrettably I never met Len, but a copy of his book is on its way to me) It is still at the back of the hangar at Ardmore at the moment, on its own undercarriage but with the wings off. I intend to restore it to flying condition... eventually. I think the biggest engineering problem is probably airframe corrosion which is severe but isolated to
    a few places. I gather it spent time in Hawaii which is a challenging environment for metal. One of these days I'll have a website for it. Happy to correspond more if you like, ben at chaos dot org dot nz

  6. Sorry that should have been "Do-28-A". Do-20 is quite a different beast and not one you're likely to see lurking at Ardmore.