Sunday 1 May 2011

Question time # 125 resolved.

 ZK-TNT has blown the competition into the weeds with the correct answer of Kitfox.
 The specimen in question is Denney Kitfox 111 ZK-JWN, which is c/n AACA/2087/1076.
Now with a double numbered c/n - does this infer that there was more than one builder involved ?
It came onto our register on 12-11-1991 for J W N Hodgson of Howick. [Initial = registration].
Rusty Hughes of Te Puke took it on from 18-06-1996, followed by Barrie Gurdler at Rangiora from 12-10-2001. Currrent owner Steve Noad of Aircraft Logistics at Rangiora took it on in March of 2002.
Top pic taken on 13-04-2011 and lower view on 12-09-2009.

If ZK-TNT would flick me an snail mail address. I will send forth the chocolate fish.

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