Thursday 11 November 2010

"New" Cessna Caravan Arrives

Arriving at Timaru 11Nov was Cessna 208B N832SA (208-0832) nearing the conclusion of its delivery flight from the USA which saw it depart from Hollister for Hilo then onto Pago Pago before flying 10Nov to Gisborne and Christchurch.

This particular aircraft is the first Caravan in NZ to be retro fitted with a 900hp Garrett (Honeywell) TPE331 engine, a significant increase in the available power of the PT6 engine that comes standard on a Caravan producing 650hp. The 'upsized' power of the new engine makes this modified Caravan ideal for parachute operations and it is was registered to Skydive Queenstown on 17Nov as ZK-KPH.

On arrival at Timaru under the command of veteran ferry pilot Jim Hazelton

Showing off the Caravan's retro fitted engine. Simon Brown photos

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