Saturday, 4 October 2008

Recently deregistered GA AA1C Lynx ZK-FPA.

Grumman American AA1C Lynx ZK-FPA c/n AA1C-0047 was a product of 1977 and spent ten years in the US as N9551U before hitting our shore and being registered on 22-10-1987 with the Auckland Aero Club. I kow it had a forced landing on 08-06-1990 at Hobson Bay Auckland and was helicoptered out. Pic shows it at Ardmore on 02-12-1993.
This pic below has it in a derelict state outside the Auckland Aero Club on 18-03-2008. Anybody know how it came to be in this state ?


  1. A very sad sight indeed. I have many hours in FPA [and Auckland's other AA1C's] from a few years back. I really enjoyed flying them. A little underpowered [but then, most trainers are/were], but fun to fly, especially in formation.

    I believe that this may be the one that was taken off-line a year or so back back to provide parts as/when required for the other three. Unfortunately they are getting older now, and some pars may be a bit hard to come by...

  2. Nice slick reply there Rodney.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Sad to see FPA in that condition .

    I passed my pilots license in that airplane many years ago .

    She was fun to fly and have many fond memories of ypthe old girl .

    Very sad !