Saturday 10 March 2018

Popping up daisies YES

Looks like the Beechcraft 76 Duchess ZK-YES (c/n ME-29) is becoming the latest 'tie down queen' at Christchurch International.
Of 1978 creation it wore three US registrations before moving down to Australia in 1990 to become VH-YES.
It drifted across into Auckland on 26-12-1992 and became ZK-YES on 03-12-1992 to Murray Haybittle and Jim Lyver who traded as the Ardmore Flying School.
It had a string of operators including Flight 2000 Ltd/Future Flight from March 2001; Simuflight (NZ) Ltd from mid-2002; McAlpine Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd from December 2003; Executive Flight Services Ltd in July 2004; Eagle Flight Training Ltd from August 2004 and Executive Flight Services Ltd from November of 2014 - All at Ardmore.
Latest listed owner is NZ School of Flying Ltd of Christchurch from 20-03-2017.

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  1. And become migrating south it languished in the Rural Aviation hangar at Ardmore for a very long time.