Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Sonex Aircraft Waiex ZK-WYX at Whitianga

I have posted about our Sonexs previously and this post can be seen HERE  This was back in June 2016 and there are several other Sonexs coming along to add to the seven aircraft in that post.

At the end of the post I mentioned that there was also a Waiex registered in New Zealand.  The Waiex is substantially the same as the Sonex but it has a Y tail with a small stub rudder below the fuselage.  Sonex Aircraft markets the aircraft with the slogan: Just Because it Looks Cool!

ZK-WYX (c/n W083) was built by Chris Wade in Auckland but is registered to Bruce Turner of Whitianga.  It was registered way back on 31/1/13 so it has had a long gestation.  It is powered by a 2180cc Aerovee engine from Sonex Aircraft.

ZK-WYX is photo'd in Bruce Turner's hangar attached to his house on Whitianga Airfield, where taxying trials have been carried out.  Thanks to Chris Wade for the photo.

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