Thursday 29 September 2016

DH 98 T III Mosquito ZK-FHC Airborne Today 29-9-2016

Today the Auckland weather was forecast to improve from the awful stationary front(s) that have been loitering around for several days.  A phone call to Avspecs found that test pilots Dave Phillips and Keith Skilling were on site and ready to go flying, so off to Ardmore....

 On arrival before midday some last minute engine work was being attended to.

 The crowds were absent but the Avspecs workers were out in force.

 With the two test pilots aboard, start up was just after midday.

 Taxying looking great!

 Take off through the heat haze for its second flight.

 And off! to the amazing sounds of the twin Merlins.

Climb out.

 Into the blue.

  Wonderful lines! from above.

And below.

 Then after a 30 minute flight, the approach.

And over the fence for a nice landing.

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  1. Top photos Keith, that take-off one with heat haze has to be on a calendar! Or at least my laptop's wallpaper.