Monday 28 December 2015

Ivan Campbell's Supermarine Mk 26B Spitfire ZK-CGV

Jogged by Blue Bus's Fourth Day of Christmas quiz question, I thought I would post about the aircraft as a preview to what we can look forward to seeing in 2016.

Ivan Campbell has done a magnificent job of his 90% scale Supermarine Spitfire Mk 26B ZK-CGV2 that he registered on 11/12/15.  The aircraft is photo'd above with Ivan outside his Campbell Aero Classics Loburn Abbey hangar on 8/2/15.  

I have previously posted on this aircraft at .

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  1. Thank You Ivan for your indulgence and the time you kindly offered me at Wanaka. It was a privilege to sit in your magnificent Spitfire and it inspired me to proceed at a increased speed to complete my own project.I will keep in touch and I hope you have many hours of enjoyment from your machine. Regards Allan S. Usherwood Your Spit is on My Desktop and will remain there until mine is completed.