Sunday 23 August 2015

Rangiora - busy as !

Rangiora - Sunday the 23rd of August 2015.
 Jodel D.18 ZK-EDR2 (c/n 301.4) is just back from a sortie with Rex Woods and px.
 Ex RNZAF NZ Aerospace CT/4B Airtrainer NZ1938 (c/n 086) is now ZK-JMF with Richard Lane of Christchurch.
 Paul Godfrey was out and about in his Denney Kitfox III ZK-KNZ (c/n 798 AACA/2013). 
After being parked up for ten years Paul restored it to flying condition in 2012.
 One I haven't seen out all that often is John Ainsworth's Rand KR-2 ZK-KRZ (c/n 001). 
Seen here in this long shot taxiing out.
 Then we have a couple of strays. 
Two Diamond DA40's down from Massey University School of Aviation at Palmerston North. 
Above is ZK-MTI (c/n 40.1013) and below is ZK-MTJ (c/n 40.1020).

 Above we see Mike Sheffield taxiing back in his Pober Pixie Pathfinder ZK-PXI (c/n MFS1).
This did its first hop on 17-06-2009.
 In the same hangar as the Pixie lives the Facet Sapphire ZK-SAP (c/n MAANZ/486) coming back together for Graeme Main. 
Graeme originally had this airframe air freighted over from Australia and registered it as ZK-MAI on 31-03-1993. It was re-registered as ZK-SAP on 07-07-1993 so that the MAI letters could be used on - the Piper PA-28-151 ZK-EBW - which went on through another four registration changes - but that's another story.
He sold it up north in early 2002 and purchased it back again back in May.
A thing of rare beauty - is the Zenith CH701 STOL ZK-TIA (c/n 7-4514) of Chris Anderson - winner of the "Mad Bastards" bush pilots competitions at Omaka earlier in the year. Oops make that "Healthy Bastards" competition.
Interesting engine mods and great paint work.

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