Saturday 21 June 2014

TL 3000 Sirius ZK-RNK First Flight at North Shore Today - 21-6-2014

Another day, another first flight by a TL aircraft at North Shore Airfield today.  Today it was TL 3000 Sirius ZK-RNK.  ZK-RNK is owned by Skyward Escapes Ltd of Christchurch and the letters RNK stand for the initials of the owner and his wife (Roger'N'Kim Read).  It will be seen around New Zealand as the Sirius demonstrator aircraft, and it will initially be based at Rangiora.  it is registered as a Light Sport Aircraft.

Preparing to taxy, with new Sting ZK-SAL tagging along.

Taxying past the Aero Club balcony.

The Sirius also has a BRS parachute, and is equipped with a glider towhook (you can just about see it in this view).  You can also see that there is a colour scheme on the top of the wings and horizontal tailplane (and underneath too).

And away into the grey.

As can be seen from this view, ZK-RNK has a very well equipped panel, with two ten inch Dynon screens.

And the engine bay is a work of art, shown here with Phil Southerden of Sport Aircraft Ltd.  Both the Sirius and the Sting are powered by Rotax 912 iS fuel injected engines producing 100 HP and have electric constant speed propellors.

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