Monday 17 March 2014

Local NZRT bits.

Progress on the Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200 ZK-MGK (c/n 128) is proceeding nicely - thank you.
  This partially completed project was purchased from The States. It arrived in NZ in about July of 2012 - Unfortunately it had been seriously damaged in transit - some of which can be seen in the pic below. Repairs and completion of this kit have been undertaken by Mike Sheffield and Graeme Main - both experienced amateur aircraft builders. The registration letters come from their initials "M" and "G" : Alas the initial "K" belongs to a third helper who's name escapes me for the moment.
ZK-RAZ4 (c/n RAZ1) is an Auto Flight Single Seat Dominator.
This eleven year project by John Saunders was converted from a two seat frame to single seat configuration to allow for greater luggage capacity. What looks like the rear seat is all fuel tank with two submerged fuel pumps. A closed container sits in the foot area of the rear seat.
The engine is a Subaru EA82 with EFI and drives the three blade Warp Drive prop through a Neil Hintz reduction box. Rotor blade is a 28 footer from Jeff Henley-Smith.
Airborne XTS-912-B ZK-DGR (c/n XT-912-0140) came onto the register on 13-09-2006 for Blue Skies Microlight 2006 Ltd of Motueka (Trevor Leighton and Linda Page).
As seen above; at Rangiora ten days after being registered; it had the Streak III wing.
Below we see it at Motueka on 10-02-2010 wearing Tasman Sky Adventures titles under wing.
Careful observation reveals that it has the towing rig extending out from the prop hub.
It was noted back at Rangiora on 27-01-2013 (below) fitted with a new Streak wing - with its registration marks not yet applied.
Ownership passed to Bryan Tuffnell of Christchurch on 25-06-2013
Below - as seen at Rangiora on 14-03-2014 now with repainted fuselage pod and wheel spats to match the wing.

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