Saturday 25 January 2014

A shot through the window at North Shore.

Whilst poking around at the North Shore hangars this morning Sir Minty noticed this Hughes 369E through the window.
It is ZK-HSC3 (c/n 0409E).
It first raised its head as JA6069 back on 08-02-1991 when it was registered to Ace Helicopters of Kawagoe in Japan. Ownerships do not seem to change very much in Japan - and JA6069 was still with Ace Helicopters when it was cancelled as exported on 05-02-2003.
It became ZK-HSC3 on 11-03-2003 to Alan Speight of Pukekohe with a change to Ralph Schultz Helicopters Ltd of Maungaturoto on 23-06-2003.
Also operated by the Company are the Hughes 369HS ZK-HIB2 (c/n 820403S) and the Hughes 369E ZK-INO (c/n 0580E).

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