Tuesday 7 May 2013

Adventourer Down

Composite Helicopters KC 518 Adventourer ZK-ICM has gone down in the sea in Auckland Harbour off North Head today, in a highly publicised ditching.

From the TV footage, it seemed as if an engine problem may have caused the ditching, and pilot Peter Maloney made a text book forced landing.  Thankfully Peter and his passenger were able to exit the helicopter uninjured and were quickly picked up by a nearby Royal New Zealand Navy boat.  It is planned to retrieve the helicopter from the seabed.

An earlier posting on Composite Helicopters and ZK-ICM can be found at www.nzcivair.blogspot.co.nz/2013/04/visit-to-composite-helicopters-at-north.html

At North Shore 11 January 2013

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