Monday 21 November 2011

The Flybaby again.

Here with an update on the earlier posting on these two Sky Babies which can be seen at
Above is what will become ZK-CFB2 in due course. It was built by Bela Morosi, an 80 year old, at Solon, Ohio over a thirty year period and has been given a manufacturers date of August 2003. It has the total airframe time of 3 hours. The engine has three hours since overhaul. It now carries the name "Snoz". It will in due course appear in pseudo militay markings. (probably as NZ3096 - which comes from its US registration of N3096Z : not from the RNZAF P40E NZ3096)
Above and below is ZK-OFB complete in all its beauty. Still with is US markings (minus the "N" preffix) under its tail. It now carries this new Squadron badge.

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