Saturday 13 August 2011

Auster ZK-AYU update

Earlier on there was a blog on this Auster J1-B ZK-AYU at the following link.
We now have an update from Gerry Draper on this aircraft. The photos were taken back in May.
Have a look at the following link.

The top monochrome pic was taken at Thames on 17-02-1969.

Great shots thanks Gerry.

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  1. One of my few times in an Auster was in early '70 in this one when 'hitch hiking' up to Hanmer Springs with my then girlfriend who knew the owners girlfriend etc etc...anyway a phone call had him landing a on stretch of road and picking us up with a "you fly us back"...even though I had plenty of 180/185 and Cub time I still made an absolute prat of myself :-)