Wednesday 23 December 2009

Wanaka sampler 15th December 2009

A thing of rare beauty. Zlin Z-37T ZK-WLO (c/n 020) of Willow Air (NZ) Ltd, working in the Wanaka area - in for a hot re-fuel.

Liz Needham's North American 88 Harvard 2A* ZK-TVI [T6] (c/n 88-14178).

Pitts S-2A Special ZK-PIT (c/n 2020) of Classic Flights Ltd is a recent arrival here. Operating as the "Silver Demon".

De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk ZK-MUH (c/n C1-0834) of the Alpine Deer Group being prepared for its move to Masterton.

Another Pitts is this S-2B ZK-KHM (c/n 5090) recently listed to Sam Stephenson of Christchurch

Alpine Helicopters Aerospatiale AS350BA ZK-ITW2 (c/n 1344). This was previously ZK-HYC3 with Mount Hutt Helicopters.

Hot off its first flight in NZ is this Hughes 369HS ZK-HHY4 (c/n 14-0556S) on the Heli Support pad. It was listed to Rotorworx (NZ) Ltd of Wanaka on 26-11-09 - ex C-FXEA from Canada.

Gathering more dust is the Hiller UH-12E ZK-HBL2 (c/n 2042R). Imported and registered as ZK-HDJ in July 1970, it has I believe been with Sir Tim ever since.

Hughes 369D ZK-HSH (c/n 89-0562D) refuelling. It was listed to Lloyd Ferguson of Wanaka on 18-09-2007.

Another recent arrival at Wanaka is this Eurocopter EC 130 B4 ZK-HAC2 for Wanaka Helicopters.

North American NA88 Harvard 3 ZK-ENE in the Southair hangar. Previously NZ1066 with the RNZAF.

Stimulating the inner ear was the Curtiss P40N ZK-CAG2.

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