Sunday, 17 August 2008

Relatively new local. ZK-SCB

Brian Atkinson of Hanmer Springs recently took over the Cessna 180K Skywagon ZK-SCB (c/n 53170) from Ron McAulay of Wanaka.
Pic above taken today at NZRT. Of interest is the black under wing - Why ?

This 180 was built late in 1980 as N13720 and had at least four owners before being re-registered as N186MA. It was cancelled from the US register on 24-09-1990 and became G-OPIX to Steve Bicknell Productions Ltd in London two days later. (A very apt rego don't you think). Steve moved to ZK land and listed the 180 on 08-11-1994 using his intials as its new registration of ZK-SCB. It went to Ron McAulay on 09-08-1997.

Yellow seems to have caught on with 180/185s in NZ - ZK-FMA, SME, FNX (with blue) - how many more ?


  1. The black underwing can only be to prevent reflection from the high wing into the cockpit during a steep turn, although why its gloss black I don't know...?

  2. im 99 % sure this was to cover the original UK rego which was painted under the wing.