Monday, 2 June 2008

Question time #7 Answer

You have been looking at a section of the instrument panel of the Travel Air 4000 N688K . c/n 1323 belonging to Des Lines at Swannanoa, North Canterbury.

Its been in country for about five years now and has hopes of becoming ZK-TVL.

There is at least four others in country. Anybody seen them lately ?

I know there is N8192 . c/n 894 , with Hallett Griffin at Kairanga. What about the others ?


  1. I was recently trawling through old issues of Classic Wings and saw this machine in the News section. TVL remains unallocated on the CAA website. Has there been any progress on the project? And, for the matter, of the "at least" four others?

  2. Yo there Handbag.
    688K has been moved into the back workshop and is still well on the back burner.
    N8192 is still with Hallett and I heard recently that he is going to get somebody in to work on it.
    I have not heard anything recent about the Russ Ward quartet of N8134 (which was flying some years ago) and N901, N1591 and N1592.