Saturday 19 January 2008

Another Rebel in our midst

Pic 21-08-07.

Finally coming together at Rangiora, where it has been since at least last May, is the Murphy Rebel, ex Australia, for Nev Somerville.

It evidently was a project started in about 1995 by Alan Slade at Coolangatta. It got to the taxying stage, but I believe due to some accident he lost interest and it was sold to NZ.

Not sure who purchased it, but it was stored in the back of the Hogan hangar out the back of Amberley until Nev purchased it at a farm sale.

It has had the undercarriage strengthening mods done here at Rangiora and is now being reassembled. (again).

The engine is a PZL Franklin with a Canadian Colin Walker prop. First engine run in NZ was on 21-08-07.

It still carries the Australian registration of VH-KIW although these were never officially allocated to it.

I have yet to find a c/n for it - somebody must know- guess something will appear on its ZK-VAL allocation in the CAA web site soon.

Val is Nev's wife. Initial attempts to get ZK-NEV thwarted by a Wilga and ZK-JIM for Nev & Vals son is already reserved.

Pic 17-01-2008

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